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The BAPP team presents frequent lectures about mountain lions and the Bay Area Puma Project throughout the Bay Area. These events are highly informative, replacing fearful myths with scientific fact. They are also evocative and inspiring, presenting the reality of these majestic creatures with compelling photos, videos, and stories from the field.

In addition, we hold community meetings on a regular basis, especially after a community is affected by a mountain lion incident, in order to enable people to express their concerns and learn about all sides of the issue.

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Living With Lions

Those who are lucky enough to call the Bay Area home are also lucky enough to live with lions. Though urbanization and growing human populations can be a problem for our wildlife, we hope to teach others that coexistence with these animals is necessary for the survival of these keystone species.

For more information, download our Living with Lions brochure.

Exploring your own Wilde Backyard

Wilde Backyard is an app (currently in development) which will allow people living or recreating close to wildlife to record sightings using just their phones.

Learn more about this project on the Felidae Conservation Fund website.

CAT Aware for K-12 Youth

We believe in the importance of helping to instill in young people an appreciation for the natural world and the importance of taking steps now to protect it for future generations. We run a set of educational programs to inform our communities about wild cats and local ecosystems, and the core of this work is a set of environmental education programs for middle and high schools.

Learn more about our K-12 outreach

Get Involved In Puma Preservation

Do you want to help preserve our local ecosystem for future generations? We need your help! Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We need all sorts of skills: from tech savvy folks to those willing to hike. If you want to be part of change, volunteer today!

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Donate and Make a Difference

Do you want to make an immediate impact on puma preservation? Donations are what makes our work and research possible!

Every dollar goes directly towards helping us change the lives of pumas.