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How can you change the future of the puma?

The Best Way To Take Action Today

Our work is not possible without our generous donors! Your donation goes straight to our work in the field and community so we can continue to protect critical puma ecosystems.

Have you seen a puma (also called cougar or mountain lion) in your area? Reporting sightings can help us track their activity and understand them better! Using that data, we are able to educate communities on bay area wildlife, including pumas. Our goal is to transform sightings from a fearful event into an empowering natural encounter!

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Citizen scientists work in their own backyard to share information about their ecosystem. They do this through affordable game cameras, sharing pictures of scat and hair, and more. The process is simple, affordable, and fun! Plus, you get to know you are making a difference. You are contributing to solutions!

Learn What You Can Do In Your Own Backyard

Feeling the passion to preserve your local ecosystem for future generations? We feel it, too! The world is so diverse and we need to do our part to keep it that way!

If you want to get involved, we are always looking for volunteers. From people who are media savvy to those who want to get out on the trails, we can use your skills! If you have a passion for preserving the bay area wildlife, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn How You Can Start Volunteering Today

One primary way to raise awards, funds, and education is by hosting events. Whether online or in-person, this allows for direct engagement. This has a very large impact! If you are willing to host an event, we can work together to educate our community!

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Get Involved In Puma Preservation

Do you want to help preserve our local ecosystem for future generations? We need your help! Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We need all sorts of skills: from tech savvy folks to those willing to hike. If you want to be part of change, volunteer today!

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Donate and Make a Difference

Do you want to make an immediate impact on puma preservation? Donations are what makes our work and research possible!

Every dollar goes directly towards helping us change the lives of pumas.