how-you-can-help HOW YOU CAN HELP - One of the best ways to help is to move beyond fearful myths and inform yourself about the reality of these incredible cats (this website has a lot of good information to help with that). Even better is to become directly involved, by going to one of our events, joining us online, volunteering or donating, and of course spreading the word to your family and friends to help draw more people to this important work... [more]

puma-sighting-map PUMA SIGHTING MAP - Many people believe they've seen a puma and we believe it's important to keep track of these sightings, even though not all of them are accurate. We are maintaining a map of both confirmed and unverified puma sightings in the larger San Francisco Bay region since 2004. Over time this will help us evaluate problem areas, movement barriers for wildlife, and potential for human-puma conflict... [more]

upcoming-events UPCOMING EVENTS - We hold freqent talks, lectures, and community meetings about pumas and the Bay Area Puma Project, where people have a chance to participate, ask questions, and express their thoughts. These events are highly informative, replacing fearful myths with scientific fact. They are also evocative and inspiring, presenting the reality of these majestic creatures with compelling photos, videos, and stories from the field... [more]

volunteer VOLUNTEER - We are always seeking volunteers to help with our outreach and education efforts, such as setup and staffing at events, interacting with the public at conferences and expos, creating printed and online materials, helping with office and administrative tasks, etc. This is a great way to get involved and participate directly in wild cat conservation... [more]

donate DONATE - One of the best ways to help protect our local ecosystems is to make a donation to puma conservation in the Bay Area. Every size donation helps, and no amount is too small. We depend on support from concerned individuals to help make the Bay Area Puma Project successful, and 100% of your donation will go directly to this important work... [more]