puma-biology PUMA BIOLOGY - The puma in its natural element is an awe-inspiring animal, combining incredible physical capabilities, intelligence, stealth, beauty, and eyes that evoke a deep sense of awareness. Pumas live solitary lives except when mating, and females when raising their young. They avoid humans and live in low densities with vast home ranges... [more]

human-impact HUMAN IMPACT - Although Native Americans maintained a respectful and reverent relationship with pumas in the distant past, the arrival of European settlers brought an attitude of fear and violence toward pumas. In the Eastern US, bounties in many states led to the annihilation of pumas from the eastern half of North America by the early 1900's... [more]

field-research FIELD RESEARCH - BAPP's field research is asking and answering important questions about the region's pumas, both in their natural state and as they adapt to increasing human encroachment and activity. Understanding what is currently happening 'on the ground' provides a critical foundation for efforts to protect and sustain healthy populations... [more]

conservation CONSERVATION - As keystone predator, the puma plays a key role in maintaining healthy and stable ecosystems. Though the challenges are great, we believe that with persistent effort and collaborative approaches, we *can* make a difference and start changing course from destruction of our local puma populations, and subsequent decline of the natural habitats they help manage and balance, to their longterm health and preservation... [more]

scientific-papers-teaser SCIENTIFIC PAPERS - A collection of recent scientific papers on puma biology and ecology, with an emphasis on impacts and effects at the human-puma interface. Covered topics include: public perceptions about pumas, dispersal of young pumas, impacts of human development on pumas, and catastrophic ecosystem effects that result when pumas are removed from an environment. Papers are presented unedited in their original form... [more]

puma-prey-lab PUMA-PREY LAB - This realtime simulator demonstrates the natural balance of a healthy ecosystem, in contrast with the changes that occur as a result of human encroachment. In a natural ecosystem, the interaction between predator and prey is a delicately balanced process that cycles in a state of equilibrium. When human development intrudes into a natural ecosystem, the natural balance is thrown off and the ecosystem is forever changed... [more]