remote-cameras REMOTE CAMERAS - Motion-sensing cameras (also called camera traps) capture images of mountain lions in their natural setting with no humans present. These images allow us to see these cats doing what they naturally do, revealing aspects of behavior and activity which would be difficult or impossible to observe directly... [more]

field-activities FIELD ACTIVITIES - The work of tracking, capturing and placing collars on mountain lions involves extended effort and groundwork, punctuated by adrenaline-pumping bursts of activity during captures. A variety of techniques are used for tracking, and when it comes to the actual capture, no matter which method is used the experience is always profound and inspiring. This photo gallery offers an inside glimpse into the world of puma tracking!... [more]

the-study-cats UCSC PROJECT - The Santa Cruz Puma Project is an independent project run by Dr. Chris Wilmers and his research team at UC Santa Cruz. It was launched in 2008 in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and during 2008-2010 it included a collaboration with the Bay Area Puma Project on operational and outreach activities. Today, Dr. Wilmers and his team... [more]

in-the-news IN THE NEWS - As human development in the Bay Area rapidly expands into puma habitat, the interface between humans and pumas is getting more tense. Sightings and encounters are on the rise, and as people become more concerned on both sides of the issue, local and national media outlets are taking an interest. The issue of human-puma interaction, and the Bay Area Puma Project, are getting extensive press coverage... [more]