school-programs SCHOOL PROGRAMS - BAPP includes a set of environmental education programs for middle schools and high schools throughout the Bay Area. Called CAT Aware, this initiative teaches students about the puma's role in healthy natural habitats, the effects of human expansion on these ecosystems, and the larger environmental issues that these trends raise. The program focuses on the charismatic puma as keystone species... [more]

outreach-efforts OUTREACH EFFORTS - The BAPP team presents frequent talks about mountain lions and the Bay Area Puma Project throughout the Bay Area. In addition, we hold community meetings on a regular basis, especially after a community is affected by a mountain lion incident, in order to enable people to express their concerns and learn about all sides of the issue... [more]

living-with-pumas LIVING WITH PUMAS - Although your chances of ever encountering a puma are extremely low, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize the chances even further. For residences located in puma habitat, keep pets and livestock properly housed, and avoid attracting deer or other wildlife. When recreating in puma habitat, avoid hiking, biking or running alone or between dusk and dawn, and never approach an animal carcass... [more]

if-you-see-a-puma IF YOU SEE A PUMA - In the highly unlikely event that you ever see a puma in the wild, it will most likely keep moving and you will only see it for a few seconds. However in rare cases it may stand its ground or appear threatening. In such a case, do not turn your back or run. Instead you should stand your ground and make yourself appear as big as possible. Speak loudly, make noise, throw rocks and sticks, and if necessary fight back... [more]

chances-of-attack CHANCES OF ATTACK - What are your chances of being attacked by a puma?...very very very very unlikely! Although puma sightings tend to make people anxious, the CA Department of Fish and Game estimates that 9 out of 10 reported sightings are NOT actually a puma! There have only been 16 verified attacks in California since 1890, and none in the Bay Area since 1909. You are 500 times more likely to drown in your own bathtub... [more]