chances of attack
Photo courtesy Brian Jansen 


What are your chances of being attacked by a puma? ...Very Very Very Very Unlikely!

Although puma sightings can cause people to become anxious, the CA Department of Fish and Game estimates that 85-90% of reported puma sightings are NOT actually a puma!

There have been:
· 18 verified attacks in California since 1890
· 9 deaths in California since 1890
· 1 verified attack in the Bay Area in over 100 years
· See the list of verified mountain lion attacks in California here.

You are:
· 150x more likely to be killed hitting a deer with your car
· 300x more likely to be killed by a domestic dog
· 500x more likely to drown in your own bathtub
· 1000x more likely to die from excessive heat/cold
· 2500x more likely to die from an accidental fall
· 7000x more likely to die in a vehicle crash

It is more dangerous to walk the streets in any U.S. city at night than it is to live and hike in mountain lion country.

Within the United States and Canada, British Columbia accounts for 57% of all recorded attacks. A particular hot spot is Vancouver Island.